Mismanagement in Disaster Management

Any kind of disaster destroys society and civilization. Due to this, there is a great deal of harm to the environment along with a loss of public money. Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, landslides, etc. Disasters come from natural causes. When a catastrophe creates the tail of the death of death and destruction, its handle is not in the control of the affected people. They become helpless. This happened even during the Khokha storm. At the end of November month, it caused a terrible catastrophe on the banks of Tamil Nadu and Kanyakumari.
According to fishermen of Tamilnadu and Kerala, more than 120 fishermen have died due to this storm, and more than 900 are missing. The State Governments should be prepared for disaster management at the time of such disasters and should be urgently assisted in the affected areas. But no such effort has been made.
During the storm, the government has completely failed at two basic levels. (1) The warning of the storm was given very late, and (2) after the storm’s arrival, there was a complete lack of operation and management.
 What should have been done?
The warning of the storm should have been given as soon as possible so that the fishermen escaped from going into the sea.
After the storm arrived, the Indian Coast Guard had to run the campaign through their search ships and helicopters. Many missing fishermen could be saved from time to time to find or die. Some local fishermen should be added to this campaign so that they could tell the correct location. Nothing has been done like that
The Indian Navy should have participated in rescue operations through its latest ships and aircraft.
What is our 2005 National Disaster Management Act, National Policy of Disaster Management (2009), National Disaster Management Plan (2016), and National Disaster Response Force, when we can not use them when we are disaster?
Due to the storm, the bananas, rubber, coconut and many crops of people living on the seashore have been damaged. That was their means of livelihood. The relief and rehabilitation work alone is very difficult for the State Government alone. The Central Government will also have to cooperate in it. Many departments of Central and State Governments have to make concerted efforts to deal with any disaster. The same can be said in the context of the Khoka storm.



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