Our Judiciary

Governments often do not like a strong and independent jurisprudence in democracy. Regardless of the principles, all leaders want a judicial system that does not interfere in fulfilling their promises made to the public at the time of election. This is the reason that attempts are made to threaten the justice system from time to time.
If you look at foreign countries, they too are not different from this trend. In 1930, US President Roosevelt had threatened to limit the Supreme Court to the judges who were ready to work according to their ideology. Subsequently, the Supreme Court started giving consent to all the welfare laws of the government, which he had earlier refused to declare as a jurisdiction.
Even though the use of such a fierce instrument has been adopted to curb the Supreme Court in India, the executive is trying its best to control it. The budget of the judiciary is kept very limited for this kind of control. In the budget of 2017-18, the judiciary was allocated Rs.1744 crores, which was only 0.4% of the total budget. In a way, the amount of the top 12 companies convicted of non-executed property is ten times more than the amount allocated to the judiciary. Monet Steel Company alone has outstanding debt of Rs 10,333 crore. This attitude of the government has a great adverse effect on the judiciary.
Due to the shortage of staff and the disadvantage of infrastructure, there is a mountain of cases on the judiciary.
Law is enacted on government law without consultation with the judiciary. The parallel judicial officers and the number of courts are not increased. In 1988, the rejection of the check was put in the criminal act category. Since then, 38 lakh cases of this case have been pending.
About 3.4 crore cases are pending in the courts of India.
By April 2017, 430 judges and 5000 posts of additional judges were vacant in various jurisdictions. The government lacks funds for this work. Therefore, the judicial process is going on in a very lucrative situation. For the population of more than a billion people of India, there are only 31 in the Supreme Court and 1,079 judges in the High Courts.
If the government is unable to fill the vacancies of the courts, then it should also reduce the number of cases filed in the courts. The Government of India files the highest lawsuit. Government should ensure that its disputes be dealt with by making relevant departments and officers accountable.
Courts should have a dignity. It is such a arrangement that the head of the people entering into it will bow down in respect of justice. But today our lower courts are in bad shape even in the local bus stand. The salary paid by a judge of any level is very low. The government needs to take immediate steps in this direction.


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