Positive Initiative Towards Naxalites

The problem of Naxalism had started in India since 1967. Supporters of the Maoist Communist Party, the center of these militants was initially West Bengal. But gradually they have expanded themselves. Since these are their own people, who have gone astray from the path, so the government does not want to launch an aggressive campaign against them. But his policy is working towards Naxalite activism and overall development.
In the early months of 2017, the Maoists killed nearly 40 soldiers of the Central Reserve Police Force in Sukma of Naxal-hit Chhattisgarh. Clearly, this attack shook our soldiers, but their freshness is still strong and they are committed to following government policies.
The security forces for the Maoists are no longer reactive. When the Maoists tried to reorganize their roots in Garia, the government declared it a new district. There are many development works started here. New police stations and security camps were put in place. Similar was done in other places of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Chhattisgarh. Alerting the security forces, they were appointed to the new centers of the Maoists.
The police force has started making better contacts with neighboring states of Maoist expansion. The information about the presence of Naxalites immediately spreads. With this, they can not execute their violence programs.
The problem of Naxalites is not only the problem of law and order. This is the main reason for tribal problems in these areas. The government wants to end them with the root. (1) For this, the Government has started to expand the telecom sector along with creating new roads in this area. (2) With the establishment of new centers of AIR in south Bastar, information about government schemes can be entertained. (3) Bank branches have been expanded. (4) The Government has increased the support price of tamarind found in the forests of this region. (5) New rail service has been started in Bastar to provide new markets for the handicrafts of this area.
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres lauded the efforts of the Indian government in the Naxalite areas in the recent annual report, “Despite the resolution of the Maoists not to send their children to school and not to take government jobs, The Government has made wonderful efforts in the field of development. ‘Government has established an education and livelihood center in Dantewada. That has been an immense success. Such centers have now been established in almost all the districts. This is the intention of the government that the Maoists’ waist can be broken by putting the youngsters of these areas in positive work.
Winning a kind of psychological war with the Maoists still remains to be done. Either the government has made proper arrangements for rehabilitation of surrendered Maoists. They are living a happy life. Still, they are still attacked by the security forces as the informer of the government.
To deal with this problem, the general public also has to cooperate with the government. The success of government efforts is in the fact that their plans can be implemented in the right way. The public should not interrupt it.
With its efforts, the government has overthrown the feet of Maoists in many places. Active police and security forces are standing The government policy of overall development is proving to be accurate. In the future, better results can be expected.


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