Can caste system be eliminated?

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, who is known as the creator of the Constitution, had given a title of his speech to “the disappearance of caste”, which he had never been able to read in public. The time around 1935 was such a time when, along with political independence, the whole country was surrounded by a wave of social reform. After attaining independence, anti-caste agitation ended. Instead of opposing caste system, the solidarity of the caste took. The caste system can be disposed of in a manner also with the goal of uplifting the oppressed and oppressed classes. But today no political party is interested in doing so.
The question is, can India become a major power in the world with the prevailing caste system? Can India become a completely democratic country with caste inequality spread in our society? Can he fulfill the promises of generosity described in the Constitution with such inequality?
In democratic politics, people have forgotten long-term goals of democracy in the race to achieve short-term goals. The leaders are fully focused on the coming elections. If you get votes by promising to give reservation to head Navkar or forward castes before khap panchayats then take it. The thing to end the castes will be seen later. There is such a scene in every election. Resisting caste system has now become out of the agenda, while it is being felt daily. The news of killing a Dalit young man, kidnapping a girl and killing lover couple in the name of raping and protecting caste can be seen, heard or read almost every day. The caste inequality is the only reason behind all of these.
Here also raises the question on Hindutva. Under Hinduism, what harmony of Hindus cannot make any effort to end the enemy called the caste? Indeed, Hindutva attempts to unite Hindus, but here their caste sequence gets stuck. Five Dalit youths were killed in Una, Gujarat because they were removing a dead cow’s skins. In fact, it is the work of Dalits in Hinduism. But at that time, Gau-Mata’s politics, which was run in the name of Hindutva, washed the harmony of Hindu religion along with its sequence.
Hindutva wants to ride two horses. On the one hand, he wants to support the caste system described under “Manusmriti”, while on the other hand, Hindus speak of unity. This is not possible. Why not see the philosophy of Advaita of Hindu religion only through the propagation of it, in which the creation of nature is seen only from the eyes of the soul and away from the castes? Based on this philosophy, Saint Narayana Guru of Kerala talked about eradicating the caste distinction. Advaita is such a philosophy, which even the caste does not believe in religion. For him, the creature is the only soul.
On the other hand, if we talk about non-Hindutva politics, we see that Dr. Ambedkar has given birth to caste and caste in the name of caste, on the other hand, it is a problem of Hindutva to portray Muslims as their enemies or to insult the oppressed lower castes among Hindus. To overcome the problem, many inter-caste marriages have been done. Increasing urbanization has made it easy to follow the path shown by Ambedkar. Two people who work in a city are not affected by anybody’s caste. Rather, they are influenced by each other’s income and competencies. While working in the same team, they are influenced by one another’s conduct. As urbanization increases, the lesser the inertia of caste and community in social life will be less.
Urbanization is driven by economic diversity. Now more and more employment services and industries are coming in the area. For this, young people have to move from the villages to the cities. The faster the economic progress, the more economic diversity will increase, the more non-traditional employment opportunities will emerge, and among these, people will come out of their traditional environment.
It is to be said that high-level education and health of the global progress fill the life of a young man with new dimensions, one aspect of which is to eliminate caste distinction.


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